2015 Rally Information

Congratulations to this year's winners.

1st place with 165 points goes to the team of Robert Garczak, Denise Wells, Emily Wells, Keith Wells, Pat Gilbert and mascot "Teddy Marie".

3-way tie for 2nd, 3rd & 4th places:
2nd place - 145 pts - 2:08 time is the team consisting of Ann Parker, Sarah Altemus, Doug Niemann and Deb & Lee Carpenter.
3rd place - 145 pts - 2:43 time is the Parker/Steinhubl team.
4th place - 145 pts - 3:00 time goes to the team of Jamie Watson, Eliott Wade and Shannon Rankin.

                                                             Susan’s Rally Route 2015
23 ago my sister, Susan died.  So much has changed since then and so many of you have now had experiences yourself with this vicious disease!  Let’s make a pact to do our best to end this disease and the sadness it brings to each and every one of us every day, month and year of our lives. I hope we begin that process by our efforts today! 
Thank you to you all! Bruce
Point 1 (     /15 pts):
Drive out as you should, turn left at Green/Wood.    What does Green   _BANK_(5 pts) and Wood represent_STAHLMAN_LUMBER__((5 pts))?  Follow the path most trod by going left, but stay right so you can follow a Main street.  One light means turn right and enjoy reverence of a street of churches.  After passing a gold tree, make a circle around a fountain, turning right at its revered Park’s name.  Turn left at the ambassador to Japan and go thru 2 stop signs.  When you see “$5” pull in, you are almost to Point 1, where 1313 marks the spot.  Go in.  Who is the fastest cyclist from 1899 _MARSHALL “MAJOR” TAYLOR_(5 pts)?
Point 2 (     /15 pts):
Retrace your steps and turn to go to a library, passing 2 former rally points.  Name them if you can. 1) _HOLOCAUST MUSEUM__(5 pts) 2)_CLAYTON HOUSE_ (5 pts).  When you see SOUTH turn East, and give a tip of the hat to Asia.  Enjoy the new flux of homes that been erected since last we passed; pass the capitol of Texas and 7th president.  When did the Married Ladies Social Arts and Charity Club of America purchase their house __1967 _ (5 pts)?  You are at Point 2!
Point 3 (     /45 pts):
Continue on.  When you see SOUTH going NORTH,  turn left after saying hi to Denny’s and a school of music.  Veer left when you see a beautiful city, and give a tip of the hat to an English Queen and an Age. When you see Gray veer right, stay on the access passing a Gray. If you look to your right you will see another Susan’s Rally supporter, Apollo!  What is it_APOLLO SCOOTERS _(5 pts)?  You will see RED and ORANGE – representing what _ROCKETS_(5 pts) and _DYNAMO_(5 pts)?  Pass a LAM, turn right at the state you are in.  Follow the tracks, pass Franklin’s middle name, pass the Atlantic.  For its full name _ATLANTIC COFFEE SOLUTIONS_(5 pts) and its former name_MAXWELL HOUSE_ (5 pts).  Pass a LARGE flower, and at Eastwood Park. How many items on this track at the park __5    (5 pts)?  Pass through the light and in an Auto Zone pull in!  What makes this AZ/ HEB memorable _HAUNTED_(5 pts)?  Continue on, when the track comes to an end shortly and before it picks up again.  Give me the location and tell me why it has stopped_OVERPASS/UNDERPASS FIGHT WITH LOCAL COWLING ST RESIUDENTS_ (10 pts).    You are at Point 3!

 Point 4 (     /10 pts):
At 69th, don’t be confused by a new name, turn left.  You will want to navigate by turning left. Smell the Farmers, what is that scent_COFFEE_(5 pts)?  Give a tip of the hat to Noah, our mattress angel, pass a White Swan, Mathew Marine and a Longhorn, and as you approach point 4 enjoy a new Ninfa and an old Ninfa – park and enjoy the esplanade. Tell me where you can get goat’s cheese _HAMMOND FARM_             (5 pts).  You are at point 4!
Point 5 (     /15 pts):
Make a right to follow Buffalo Bayou, pass “TBH” – what’s it stand for _TALENTO BILINGUE DE HOUSTON_(5 pts)?  Pass a president and Bruce.  After going under 4 overpasses, turn left.  Now you know where old presidents go to die.  Who stands out as unique among this group _CHARLIE CHAPLIN_(5 pts)?  This is Point 5!  Thank you Mr. _ADDICKES_ (5 pts).  A salute to a consistent positive in the Art Community for decades!
Point 6 (     /20 pts):
Turn left when you have to and take advantage of the photo op that downtown Houston provides as you pass over the McKee Bridge, a bridge you have often seen but were never able to see up close and personal.  Give me the date of its construction _1932_(5 pts).  Continue to Frost Town; when was it settled, when was its demise and who were its first inhabitants _1836  (5) pts) _1930-1950_ (5 pts) _JONATHAN BENSON FROST FAMILY_(5 pts)?  This was point 6!
Point 7 (     /10 pts):
Continue passing the inventor of the bifocal, discoverer of electricity and greatest diplomat of 18th century, for the House and Senate beckons you to turn RIGHT.  Pass Houston legalese, a Texas battle and an ICON.  At a former home of Sam Houston and prominent local bar stop in.  What is its name_LA CARAFE_(5 pts)?  When was it erected_1860_(5 pts)?  This is pint, er… point 7!
Point 8 (     /25 pts):
Continue on till you must turn, do so right, and when you must turn, do so left.  Continue your travels to the west on our 1st president’s boulevard.  Pass Howard Hughes’ resting place and a former Susan’s Rally point, begin passing BARS GALORE and 2 restaurants that came from Mama Ninfa.  Name them _LAURENZO’S_&_EL TIEMPO_(10 pts).  When you can make a circle go NORTH,  don’t get creative, just follow the direction passing over an overpass and give a salute to one of underwriters at 7900. _LADCO_(5 pts) and when you come to a “Y” veer right under 3 overpasses and  slow down for what will soon become a grand new driving experience.  At an old mall stop and “B” is your entrance. Go in and visit a small Apache Indian Museum with big plans.  Say hi to Chance and Rose and tell me the date of the Wounded Knee Massacre and what tribe was massacred_12/29/1890_(5 pts) and _LAKOTA_(5 pts)?  This is point 8!

Point 9 (     /15 pts):
Continue on the “Oak” we seldom use for “Post”!   Following Horace Greeley’s adage, turn right.  Ambling down the street till a little voice says “buy a chocolate dip cone!” (5 pts) for the FAN FOOD label.  Continue your trek westward till Tropical Birds bring you to a former Susan’s Rally point and its return after 20 years.  I ask you to answer the same question today that I asked then.  How many Hyacinths are they and give me their cost _8_(5 pts) & _$9,500/PAIR (MALES) $10,500/PAIR (FEMALES)_(5 pts)?
Point 10 (     /5 pts):
Don’t change directions just keep on going passing a church of LONG NAME and a bell tower, and when you see a street that would be seen with “BUSHEL” turn right.  More construction ahead, but you must go to a light, on the SE Corner be prepared to get out at the SMALLEST CEMETARY in Houston! Tell the name of the family this hallowed ground honors _HILLENDAHL_(5 pts)?

Turn right on LONG POINT and right on ANTOINE to I-10 then on to:
THE POST OAK GRILL at 1415 South Post Oak 77056!
 YOU have completed Susan’s Rally 2015!
I hope you had as much fun as I did preparing it! BRUCE



Susan's Rally 2014

The 2014 Susan's Rally was held April 27th, 2014.
Click here to download the 2014 Susan's Rally Routes with Answers and Scores.




Susan's Rally appreciates your charitable donations to help in the fight against cancer.

Susan's Rally Remembers...

Beverley Sutton - July 16, 2013
Dottie Newton - August 17, 2011
Elsa Kaim - April 11, 2011
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